Jumat, 06 Agustus 2010


1.      Pre Teaching
a.       Praying
Teacher       : Before we start our lesson. Let’s say a prayer !
  Thank You !
b.      Greeting
Teacher       : Good Afternoon Everybody
Students     : Good Afternoon Ma’am
c.       Asking student condition
Teacher       : How are you today ?
Students     : I’m fine. Thank you. And you ?
Teacher       : I’m very well. Thank you.
d.      Checking students attendance this lesson
Teacher       : Who is absent today ?
Students     : Nurul and Lydia Ma’am
Teacher       : Ehm.. What’s the matter with them ?
Students     : I have no idea Ma’am  
e.       Checking students attendance last week
Teacher       : Who is absent last week ?
Students     : Hafidha Ma’am
Teacher       : Ehm.. Where were you Fidha ?
Students     : I go to grandma’s house Ma’am
Teacher      : Okay, no problem. But, next time, f you can’t attend my class, give information and reason please...
Students     : Okay Ma’am
f.       Recalling Last Week Lesson
Teacher         : Last week, we have discuss cell as smallest unit of life and chemist components of cell
g.      Stating the topic
Teacher       : Okay everybody, it’s time to start now.
  Now, we are going to discuss organelles in plant and animal cell
h.      Stating the learning objectives
Teacher         : In the end of the lesson, students are able to explain the structure and function of each organell in animal and plant cell
2.      While Teaching
a.       Students get a paper with question and answer column representing the summary of a materials. Listening to the teacher’s reading the text, students answer the question in the paper based on the content of the text.
b.      Students, guided by the teacher, discuss the correct answer. Teachers asking students to read their answer and after that teacher give evaluate to the student’s answer.
c.       Teacher explain more about structure and function of organelles in plant and animal cell  
 3.      Post Teaching
a.       Evaluating result of the lesson by show animal and plant cell picture then asking some students to explain the structure and function of each organell in animal and plant cell.
b.      Giving homework to students, reading the textbook about transport in cell membrane
Teacher       :   Okay, because time is up, that’s all for today.
For your homework, would you do exercise 10 and read chapter three in your text book about transport in membrane. Because next week we will discuss it.
c.       Greeting
Teacher       : Thank you.
                     I will see you again next Monday.
                     Good  bye

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